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Instead of planting trees in plastic shelters, fencing can be used to keep Deer or Rabbits out of planted/coppiced sites. Whether its a large restock/coppiced site or new woodland creation, fencing might be the more economical answer (areas over 1ha)

Wessex are also able to offer a full service of fencing needs, such as:

  • Stock fencing

  • Post and Rail horse fencing

  • Clipex fencing

  • Electric fencing

With a variety of machinary, we can cater for those more sensitive sites, for example those with difficult access.

We  only use Class 4 or Pressure Treated Creosote posts, which gives a life expectancy of 15-20 years

A South Hampshire Estate

Case study-Grants

A West Oxfordshire Estate

Case study-Planting/Restocking


A West Berkshire Estate

Case study-Harvesting

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