A woodland can be  attractive, act as a rich wildlife reserve, produce good shooting and stalking, and at the same time build up reserves of quality timber.

Our fully qualified staff are well aware of the careful timing required when working in woods which are used for the rearing of game birds. In order to achieve these objectives we liaise with the owners, agents and shoot managers

Maintenance services Wessex provide:

  • Chemcial weed control-Annually spraying around the tree using Glyphosate to control competing weed growth

  • Mechanical Weed Control-Annually cutting weeds, using either a swipe or a mulcher, to control weed/bramble growth

  • Beating up and shelter maintenance- Replacing dead trees on an annual basis to ensure satisfactory stocking density. Weed shelters and any other required maintenance.

  • Formative pruning-Light prune using a pair of secateurs between the ages of  5-10 to ensure one leader

  • High pruning-Prune using handsaw or a pole saw to remove lower branches for the creation of quality saw logs

  • Monitor plantations for rabbit, squirrel and deer damage


Wessex Woodland Management carry out annual inspections in late summer. We produce a report making reccomentdations for continued maintenance and produce a budget for the work required.

Speak to one of our experts and see how we can help you with your woodland challenges.


Case study-Harvesting

A West Berkshire Estate

Case study-Planting/Restocking

A West Oxfordshire Estate

Case study-Grants

A South Hampshire Estate

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